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  • The Asphalt Shear-Box Compactor compacts large asphalt prisms that can be sawn to produce four to six beams veya slabs for laboratory wheel tracking; veya the prism can be cored to produce three to four 100mm diameter cylinders, all having essentially identical properties.
  • Extremely sturdy fabricated Gövde combined with precision machined components
  • Servo hydraulic vertical ram with integral hydraulic Güç
  • Precision electro-Mekanik shearing motion
  • Integral specimen extruder
  • Electronic control unit with touch screen color display (no need for PC)
  • Unlimited memory storage with: 2 USB ports, 1 SD card slot , RS232/485 serial port
  • The compaction cycle can be programmed by specifying vertical stress/ load and test termination conditions; Number of cycles, Specimen height and/or density
  • Asphalt Shear-Box Compactor can be Donanım a load cell for shear stress measurement, upon request


 Vertical force  : Up to 100kN
 Shearing force  : Up to 50kN
 Shear angle  : 4° ± 0.1°
 Shearing cycle rate  : 3 ± 0.1 gyrations per minute
 Mould width  : 150mm ± 0.1mm
 Mould length  : 450mm ± 0.1mm
 Mould surface finish (inside)  : Smoother than 0.4μm rms
 Mould surface hardness  : More than 48 Rockwell C
 Mould Kapasite  : Approx. 20 litres
 Loading platen width  : 149mm ± 0.2mm
 Loading platen length  : 449mm ± 0.2mm
 Loading platen smoothness  : Smoother than 0.4μm rms
 Loading platen surface hardness  : More than 48 Rockwell C
 Number of cycles  : Up to 100
 Vertical stress  : 0.1 to 1.5MPa ± 0.01MPa
 Compaction height  : 145mm to 185mm ± 0.1mm
 220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz