EN 12697-33


Code Accessories  Dimensions
 A-830/SR/01  Segment Roller  320 x 260 mm
 A-830/SR/02  Segment Roller  500 x 400 mm
 A-830/SR/03  Segment Roller  400 x 305 mm
 A-830/SR/04  Segment Roller  305 x 305 mm
 A-830/M/01  Asphalt Slab Mould  320 x 260 x 180 mm
 A-830/M/02  Asphalt Slab Mould  305 x 305 x 50 mm
 A-830/M/03  Asphalt Slab Mould  305 x 305 x 100 mm
 A-830/M/04  Asphalt Slab Mould (without handles)  400 x 305 x 50 mm
 A-830/M/05  Asphalt Slab Mould  400 x 305 x 100 mm
 A-830/M/06  Asphalt Slab Mould  500 x 400 x 180 mm
 A-830/M/07  Asphalt Slab Mould  400 x 305 x 120 mm
 A-830/M/08  Asphalt Slab Mould  320 x 260 x 50 mm
 A-830/CP/01  Centering Plate  400 x 305 mm
 A-830/CP/02  Centering Plate  305 x 305 mm
 A-830/CP/03  Centering Plate  320 x 260 mm
  • Used to produce representative sample slabs of several dimensions of bituminous mixtures laid and compacted on site.
  • The Roller Compactor fully operates with the electromechanical system, and therefore it does not require any air
    source (compressor) or hydraulic pressure.
  • The compaction is performed through a segmented roller with alternated operated rotation which simulates the on-site action of a street roller. The compaction cycle can be programmed in accordance to a certain load or deformation value.
  • The flexibility of the program grants the production of samples with uniform density and dimensions, fully meeting Standards specifications and research requirements.
  • The sample slabs can be also cored or cut off to obtain cylinders and beams for bending fatigue, indirect tensile, static and dynamic creep, stiffness, and 4-point tests.
  • Roller segmens should be ordered separately.


  • Sturdy frame made of steel
  • Mould supporting table with alternating displacement system, for table displacement and vertical load pressure
  • Integrated touch screen control unit based on Windows operating system. The control unit runs like a standard PC for the management and analysis of data, test results, graphs. The touch-screen icon interface allows an easy set up of the parameters and an immediate execution of the test.
  • Direct Internet and Intranet (LAN) connection for remote technical assistance. This features allows operators to establish a remote communication and receive software updates.
  • Unlimited memory storage with: 2 USB ports,1 SD card slot.
  • Simple and quick roller and mould positioning
  • Perfect horizontal flatness of the slab surface
  • Uniform density and dimensions of the slabs
  • Easy to maintain