Compactador Giratorio (A-825)



ASTM D6925 • EN 12697-10 • EN 12697-31 • AASHTO T312

  • Used to simulate and reproduce the real compaction conditions under actual road paving operations, hence determining the compaction properties of the asphalt.
  • Such compaction is achieved in a fully automatic way, by combining the rotary action and the vertical resultant force applied by a Mekanik head. The Compactor comprises a highly rigid steel Gövde ensuring excellent angle control.
  • Load is applied by an electro-pneumatic cylinder, servo-controlled by a precision pressure regulator; the height is measured by a linear transducer. Gyratory motion is generated by an eccentric high precision system allowing an easy set up with precision and constant angle of gyration.
  • The rotation speed is controlled by an inverter through on board computer control.
  • Using the proper perforated mould, the Compactor is able to run tests also on cold emulsified asphalt mix.
  • The acquired results are also employed in the investigation of volumetric and Mekanik characteristics of the asphalt mix.
  • The touch-screen icon interface allows an easy set up of the parameters and an immediate automatic execution of the test, data acquisition andprocessing,
    graphics and file. A remote test control is available trough a dedicated software, provided in bundle.


Kod A-825/ASTM A-825/EN
 Standarts  ASTM  EN
 Testıng Angle  1.16° 0.82°


KodPack of 2 A-825/ACC/100 A-825 /ACC/150
Mould Ø 100 mm Ø 150 mm
Base Plate
Mould with Holes For Cold Mixes  Ø 100 mm  Ø 150 mm
Top Penetration Piston  Ø 100 mm  Ø 150 mm
Metallic Disc  Pack of 2  Pack of 2
Filter Paper  Pack of 100  Pack of 100


  • Compacted specimen size: dia 100 and 150 mm; height from 0 to 200 mm for both sizes.
  • Mould Ebatları: Internal dia100 and 150 mm; height 250 mm for both moulds.
  • Gyratory angle: adjustable from 0 to 2,4°
  • Number of cycles (gyratory): adjustable from 1 to 5000
  • Gyration rate: adjustable from 5 to 60 work cycles/min (30 cycles/min requested by Standarts)
  • Vertical load on 150mm dia specimen: adjustable from 10 to 900 kPa (900 kPa with 9 bar compressor), (800 kPa with 8 bar compressor), (700 kPa with 7 bar compressor)
  • Vertical load on 100 mm dia specimen: adjustable from 23 to 1500 kPa (with 7 bar compressor)
  • The vertical load on the specimen is automatically controlled and adjusted by the electronic system.


  • Rigid steel Gövde ensuring excellent angle control.
  • Electro-pneumatic action with servo-controlled regulator.
  • Full color touch screen control unit, running like a Standart PC based on Windows operating system.
  • Software for PC control acquisition and data processing.
  • Optional shear stress measurement.
  • Concept based on American DOT principles.
  • Cold mix emulsions which can be compacted.
  • 220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz