Aparato Vicat (C-090)



ASTM C187 • ASTM C191 • EN 196-3

  • Used to determine the normal consistency of hydraulic cement.
  • The reaction between cement and water is the primary cause of the setting of concrete. The setting time for cement  and concrete is determined using the Vicat Apparatus.
  • By measuring the setting time for concrete/cement via the penetration resistance method (Vicat Apparatus), the time the concrete/cement can stay fresh can be determined. This time indicates the period the mix can stay in the mixer before pouring it into the moulds/frameworks.


 Kod  C-090/ASTM C-090/EN
 Standard  ASTM C187 – C191  EN 196-3 (Basic Set)
Movable rod weight  300 g  300 g
Vicat Mould  Ø 60 / Ø 70 mm x 40 mm  Ø 70 / Ø 80 mm x 40 mm
Needle  Ø 1 mm  Ø 1.13 mm
Consistency Plunger  Ø 10 mm  Ø 10 mm
Container  ○  ●
Thermometer  ●  ●
Glass Plate  ●  ●