Aparatos de Carga Puntual Digital (RM-120)



  • Used to determine the strength value of the rock specimens either in the field or in the laboratory.
  • Designed to be light and easily ported from place to another.
  • Consists of two-column crosshead frame and a hand operated hydraulic jack, and the load is measured either by a digital manometer (RM-120) or by a precise load cell and a digital readout unit (RM-120/LC).
  • The samples to be tested do not need to be regular in shape since the equipment can perform the test on irregular specimens too.
  • Equipped with a digital indicator to measure the result.
  • Provided with manual-hydraulic loading.


  • Light and portable
  • Capacity: 50 kN
  • Max. Sample size : 102 mm
  • Can test irregular shaped samples
  • Force Reading Unit:
    • Load Cell with Digital Indicator
    • Digital Manometer
  • Manual – Hydraulic Loading