Ensayo de Impermeabilidad al agua del hormigón (B-245)



EN 12390-8

  • Used for determining the depth of penetration of water under pressure in hardened concrete specimens.
  • Once the concrete specimens are clamped, the water under known pressure is applied.
  • The water penetrated to the specimen is measured either by taking the reading through the graduated burette or by breaking the specimen.
  • Manometer on the front panel is fixed to check water pressure.
  • Air compressor should be ordered separately.


  • Suitable for:
    • Cubes (100 mm, 4”)
    • Cubes (150 mm, 6”)
    • Cylinders (Ø 150 mm, Ø 160 mm, Ø 6”)
  • Equipped with graduated burettes to measure the water penetration
Code Specimen Capacity
B-245/3 1-3 specimens
B-245/6 1-6 specimens