Equipo de Ensayo de Estabilidad Marshall (A-001/LCD)



ASTM D1559 • EN 12697-34 • AASHTO T245

  • Used to determine the stability of the bituminous mix materials, and the resistance against plastic deformation and flow value of the materials.
  • Equipped with an LCD Data Acquisition System to control the test, and display the results in a very easy and simple way.
  • Has a capacity of 50 kN and a loading rate of 2”/minute (50.8 mm/ min).
  • Fully automatic and to stop the test by itself when finishes and return to its initial position.
  • Equipped with RS 232 port for computer connection and thermal printer (both should be ordered separately) to report the results quickly and directly from the machine.
  • Supplied with load cell that has a capacity of 50 kN and flow-meter.


  • Capacity : 50 kN
  • High Precision Load Cell
  • Electronic Measure of Flow
  • Peak Hold of load and Flow
  • Equipped with LCD Indicator
  • Load Rate: 50.8 mm/min (2”/ min)
  • 220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz


  • Load cell: 50 kN capacity
  • Breaking Head – 4”
  • Software