Equipo de Ensayo Pull-Off (B-105)



EN 1015-12

  • Used to measure the adhesive force / bond tensile strength of two layers of concrete, facing plasters, mortars, building plasters, lime etc. to its base.
  • Manually-operated, compact, light and suitable for use in any location
  • Fitted with a load cell and high resolution large digital display unit.
  • Suitable for measurements from low loads up to 16 kN, granting a wide working range


  • Load capacity: 16 kN
  • Working range: 0,25 to 16 kN
  • Seat ball assuring axial/central load application
  • Battery operated


  • Tensile pin
  • Aluminum test plate – Ø 50 mm x 30 mm (10 ea) B-05/C/AL/50
  • Drill bit (Ø 50 mm) B-105/DB/50
  • Carrying Case


Code Item
B-105/C/AL/20 Aluminum Test Plate – Ø 20 mm X 30 mm
B-105/C/AL/50 Aluminyum Test Plate- Ø 50 mm X 30 mm
B-105/S/AL/50 Aluminyum Test Plate- 50 mm X 50 mm X 30 mm
B-105/C/SS/50 Stainless Steel Test Plate – Ø 50 mm X 20 mm
B-105/CR/50 Cylindrical Cutting Ring- Ø 50 mm
B-105/DB/20 Drill Bit – Ø 20 mm
B-105/DB/50 Drill Bit – Ø 50 mm