Horno de Contenido de Betún – Método de Ignición (A-030/IGN)



  • Used to determine the bitumen/binder content in the asphalt and hotmix samples.
  • “After Burner” unit is installed at the top of the oven to reduce the gas emission during the test.
  • The maximum temperature for the oven chamber is 600°C.
  • The maximum temperature for the After-Burner unit is 950°C.
  • The bottom of the innerchamber is made of insulating bricks with high strength against abrasion and impacts. The sides of the inner chamber with the ceiling lid are made of fiber board to provide better thermal insulation.
  • The outer case is made of galvanized steel.
  • The 7” True-Flat-Touch control panel is very user friendly and programmed to display the results graphically and in real-time during the test.
  • Equipped with a sample plate and holder made of Nichrome.
  • Weighing system (Capacity: 4 kg / Readability: 0.1 kg) is integrated in the oven.
  • The oven is equipped with a thermal printer for faster/easier result reporting.


  • Chamber Maximum Temperature: 600°C.
  • After-Burner Maximum Temperature: 950°C.
  • Inner made of insulating bricks &fiber board.
  • Outer made of galvanized steel.


  • After-Burner Unit.
  • 7” Touch LCD Control Panel.
  • Thermal Printer.
  • Built-in Weighing System (Capacity: 4 kg / Readability: 0.1 kg).
  • Sample Plate & Sample Holder.