Medidor de Recubrimiento (Proceq, Profometer 650 AI) (B-050/P650)



  • Advanced cover meters and rebar locators based on the eddy current pulse induction principle
  • Assisted scan of any surface regardless of its size and geometry
  • Universal probe and detachable ruggedized cart with wireless path measuring system
  • Complies with international
  • Housing specially designed to be used on-site in harsh environments, including carrying strap, integrated stand and sunshield cover
  • High resolution colour touchscreen allowing best possible measuring and analysis of the data for an entire working day (battery lifetime >8h)
  • Dual core processor supporting diverse communication and peripheral interfaces
  • Future proof investment through direct upgrade possibilities to upcoming Profometer products


  • Rebar Yer
  • Cover Measurement
  • Diameter Estimation
  • 1-Layer NRC
  • 2-Layer AI
  • Cover Calibration
  • Single-Line Scan
  • Multi-Line Scan
  • Area Scan
  • Cross-Line Scan

Cross-Line Scan

  • The 2D Cross-Line Scanextends the Multi-Line Scan
    with the special functionality of combining scans in
    the X- and Y-directions.
  • Measuring the rebars of the first and second layer
    typically arranged in a rectangular mesh
  • The signal strength spectrum can be seen in addition
    to the cover and diameter