Sistema de Molienda y Pesaje (M-041/ETS)


  • Used wherever accepting the ore to the factory
  • There are 4 functions in the system:

Lifting the sample:

  • Capacity of the crane winch is 2000 kg
  • Travel beam of the winch is limited by switchers
  • Manual controlling device of the winch to be used by operator


  • The bigbag is filled to the feeding tank by using the crane
  • The feeding tank is carried on to the sieving system
  • The bottom door is opened hydraulically by the operator


  • Grading is done by the 3 deck screening
  • Each size is collected in the collector


  • Different sizes of the materials are weighed by the platform scale

The system is complete with:

  • Platform scale with 2000 kg capacity (digital)
  • Crane winch and supporting system with control unit
  • Three dech grading machine with each deck 1000 x 2000 mm size
  • Feeding tank with capacity of 1500 kg with hydraulic bottom door
  • Trolleys made of steel construction (4 pcs)