Edómetro – Consolidación (T-210)



ASTM D2435 • ASTM D3877 • ASTM D4546 • BS 1377-5

  • Used to determine the behavior of the soil sample upon certain loading in a specified period of time. It indicates the settlement characteristics of the soil which is known as Consolidation.
  • The loading ratio for the device is 10:1 and designed as front loading type. The rear weight is used for balancing the device.
  • The device has a support for a screw jack and supplied with a dial and its holder, consolidation cell, two porous discs and weight set.
  • Fixed on a frame and can be ordered as 1, 2 or 3 devices on the same frame.


  • Front Loading Type
  • Load Ratio = 10:1
  • Rear Balancing Weight
  • Screw Jack Support
  • Oedometers can be ordered as one (T-063/1), two (T-063/2) or three (T-063/3) devices on the same frame.


  • Dial Indicator : 12.7 / 0.002 mm
  • Dial Holder
  • Consolidation Cell
  • Porous Discs (2 ea)
  • Weight Set (3 x 10 kg, 2 x 5 kg, 3 x 2 kg, 3 x 1 kg,2 x 0.5 kg)