Horno Película Fina Rotatorio (A-030/RTFO)



ASTM D2872 • EN 12607-1

  • Used to determine the effects of heat and air on a moving film of semi-solid asphaltic materials. The effects of this treatment are determined from measurements of the selected properties of the asphalt before and after the test.
  • Internal chamber and external frame are made of stainless steel. Double wall insulation is made of fiberglass and the door is double glazed.
  • The door has large glass for inspection during the test.
  • Equipped with safety thermostat to prevent accidental over-heating.
  • Clear, transparent, heat-resistant glass containers are supplied with the oven.
  • Should be connected to a suitable air pressure supply (can be ordered separately).



  • Ventilation device
  • Precision digital thermostat to maintain 163 °C temperature
  • Control thermometer
  • Safety thermostat to prevent accidental over-heating
Code Item Standard
 A-030/RTFO/ASTM  Rolling Thin Film Oven – ASTM  ASTM D2872
 A-030/RTFO/EN  Rolling Thin Film Oven – EN  EN 12607-1
 A-030/RTFO/GC  Glass Container (Ø 64 mm x 140 mm)  ASTM / EN