Picnómetro de Vacío (A-490)



ASTM D2041 • EN 12697-5 • EN 13108

  • Used to determine the theoretical maximum specifi0c gravity and density of uncompacted bituminous paving mixtures at 25°C [77°F]
  • Made of transparent plexiglass
  • Capacity: 10 lt
  • Complete with:
  • Valve & Gauge
  • Clippers (4 ea)
  • GCFF/0500 Filter Flask – 500 ml
  • Used to rapidly determine the asphalt content, bulk specific gravity of aggregates, the specific gravity of bituminous compacted road mixtures and the percent air voids in the sample.
  • Vacuum pump must be ordered separately.


  • Minimum vacuum required: 30 mm/Hg
  • Vacuum pump must be ordered separately.