Recipiente Envejecimiento a Presión (A-800)



ASTM D6521 • EN 14769 • AASHTO R28

 Construction  Benchtop unit with integral vessel/oven design
Specimen Kapasite  10 TFOT sample trays (included)
 Vertical Loading with Fixture  Parallel within 0.002 in (0.05mm)
 Front Panel Display  7-inch full-color touch-screen display
 Battery Backup System Optional  4 hours minimum backup at full load. 60-day advance notification of end of useful battery.
 Operating Pressure  2.10 ± 0.05 MPa (304psi)
 Temperature Range  80°C to 115°C ± 0.1°C Programmable from 50°C to 150°C
 Temperature Control  Microprocessor-based with Platinum RTD
 Temperature Control Resolution  ± 0.1°C from 80°C to 115°C
 Test Temperature Uniformity  ± 0.5°C
 Time to Setpoint  3 hours from ambient
 Return to Setpoint  120 min. after preheating and loading of specimens
 Over-Temperature Protection  Thermal shut-down switch (170°C/338°F)
 Pressure Vessel Specifications  Per ASME code section VIII, division 1; 1992 A 93
 Maximum Pressure  325 psi (2.24 MPa) at 120°C (250°F)
 Pressure Safety Release  325 psi (2.24 MPa)
 Air Inlet  1/4 in. male NPT
 Power Requirements  230 VAC 50/60 Hz
 Compressed Air Requirements  A source of compressed air with a pressure of at least 325 psi (2.24 MPa) is required.
 Approximate Shipping Weight  425 lbs. (195kg)
 Approximate Shipping Weight   NEMA 6-15
  • Used to prepare specimens for tests developed by the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP).
  • It simulates in-service oxidative aging that occurs in asphalt binders during service and meets ASTM D6521, AASHTO R28, and EN 14769 test Standarts as part of the PG grading according to Superpave.
  • It consists of a vertical pressure vessel enclosed in a stainless steel cabinet with encased band heaters, a precision sample holder for the simultaneous testing of ten specimens, a set of ten TFOT specimen trays, pressure and temperature measurement devices, and a specimen loading and unloading tool. Test interruption veya data loss due to power failure is prevented through an optional battery backup system, and the PAV3’s network-ready modem allows users to monitor and regulate their equipment remotely using a computer, tablet, veya smart phone.



  • The new PAV3 sample holder is one solid, sturdy unit with no assembly required.
  • Leveling is made easy with the vessel’s interior leveling ring, and a small bubble level between the slots further
    assures accurate verification.


The PAV3 features programmable temperatures between 50°C and 150°C, and between 80°C to 115°C the
tolerance is well within ± 0.1°C. Pressurization is programmable from 1 hour to 99 hours. This enables AASHTO R28, ASTM D5621, and EN 14769 specifications to be met without any special programming, allowing greater freedom for
research and development projects.


Temperature, pressure, and time data are collected throughout the aging process. This information is available to
view in real time on the touchscreen display, in the form of raw data or graphs. Once the aging process is complete, a .CSV file can be created and dowloaded onto a flash drive using the USB port on the front of the PAV3. The .CSV file
can then be easily manipulated using Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs.