Toma Muestras de Barrena (T-305)



  • Used to take samples from the surface or near-surface soils. It is also used to extract disturbed samples from a soil bulk for
    boring logs.
  • Consists of a T handle, extension tube and an auger head.
  • The auger head comes in different diameters, to be chosen depending on the soil type and the desired amount of soil to be extracted.


Code T-305/063 T-305/080 T-305/100 T-305/150
Auger Head Diameter  Ø 2.5” (63.50 mm)
 Ø 80 mm
 Ø 100 mm
 Ø 150 mm
T-Handle  ●  ●  ●  ●
Extension Tube  1000 mm  1000 mm  1000 mm  1000 mm