Detector de Barras (Proceq, Profoscope+) (B-050/P+)



BS 1881-204

  • Versatility; rebar location and orientation, cover measurement and rebar diameter assessment all provided by a single, fully integrated, cordless instrument.
  • Ease of use; the intuitive user interface and the the realtime visualization of the rebars make the instrument very easy to use.
  • Durability; Sealed housing for use in rough environment with replaceable protection cover for long lasting performance, over a wide temperature range.
  • Memory functions; Two different modes of operation are supported:
    • Manual data storage allows the user to save concrete cover and rebar diameter on individually chosen spots.
    • Automatic data storage is especially designed for surface scans. Every time a rebar is detected, the cover value is stored automatically.
  • Data export and analysis; The Profolink software offered by Proceq is a professional tool to analyze the measurement results


Measuring Range
Up to 185 mm
Power Supply
Power source 2 x 1.5 V AA (lR6) batteries
Voltage range 3.6 V to 1.8 V
Battery Lifetime
Backlight off > 50 h
Backlight on > 15 h
Time Outs
Sleep mode 30 s
Auto shut down 120 s
Environmental Conditions
Temperature range -10° to 60° C (14° to 140° F)
Humidity range 0 to 100% rH
Protection class IP54
Data Storage
49’500 measurements total (500 objects with 99 measurements)
Compatibile with Profolink Software