Juego Conos Arena (T-061)



ASTM D1556 • AASHTO T-191 • BS 1377-9

  • Used to determine the in-situ density of the fine grain compacted soil. The test consists of making a hole in the compacted soil layer, filling it with known-density soil sample from the container (plastic jar/sand pouring cylinder), then measuring the soil weight along with the water content.
  • Contains a sand cone and a base plate that has an opening designed for the cone to sit into. The set also contains a container (plastic jar/sand pouring cylinder) to be used during the test.



Code T-061/06 T-061/12
Standard ASTM D1556
Double-Cone (T-061/xx/DC) Cast-Aluminum (Ø 6.5″) Ø 12″
Base Plate (T-061/xx/BP) CastAlüminyum
Plastic Jar ( (5 lt) (T-061/xx/PJ)
Calibration Container(T-061/xx/CC) Ø 150 mm x 200 mm
(Should be ordered separately)


Code T-061/06 T-061/12 T-061/200
Standard BS 1377-9
Cone Diameter Ø 100 mm Ø 150 mm Ø 200 mm
Base Plate (T-061/xxx/BP)
Sand Pouring Cylinder (T-061/xxx/SPC)
Calibration Container(T-061/xxx/CC) Ø 100 mm x 150 mm Ø 150 mm x 200 mm Ø 200 mm x 250 mm


Code Item
 T-061/SP Steel Peg
 T-061/SS Standard Sand (1350 g)