Flexural Testing Machine (B-003/LCD)



  • Used to test the flexural strength of the samples.
  •  The rigid design provides stability and strength to the machine for a better using experience.
  •  Equipped with an LCD unit that displays the data graphically of each test with the ability to save and recallthe results of the tested materials.
  •  The Data Acquisition Control provides a real-time graphical view for the sample.
  •  Automatically determines the load rate in accordance with the international standards upon sample type.
  •  With the AUTO-STOP function, the machine will automatically stop upon finishing the test
  • Can be made with different capacities and designs to serve varied purposes and to cover wider range of test samples such as:
    • Curbstone (B-001/CS)
    • Tiles (with sizes up to 80 x 80 cm) (B-001/T)
    • Concrete Beams (B-001/CB)
  • The capacity for the equipment is to be specified at the time of inquiry.
  • The maximum size of sample is to be specified at the time of inquiry.