Roller Sector Compactor 30 kN 400×300 mm


EN 12697/33 Teil 5.2 – AASHTO
For the preparation of 400 x 300 mm rolled asphalt samples with a height of 40..120 mm.
Rigid steel housing with safety door and motor driven sample guiding unit. Compaction load is applied horizontally by an electronically operated load/displacement controlled system with a roller segment and load and displacement transducers. Mould and roller segment are equipped with thermostatically controlled electric heating elements.
The whole process is controlled by selectable compaction programmes via Windows software. The user himself can create and memorize own test sequences. The machine and process control is effected by an integrated input/output unit with touch screen attached by means of a swivel arm. Optionally the input can also be effected using a keyboard.

Technical specifications:

  • Rolling force:0..30 kN
  • Rolling speed: 45 overpassings/min
  • Sample dimensions: 400 x 300 mm
  • Sample height:40..120 mm

Información Adicional

Datos Eléctricos: 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 8 kW
Dimensiones aprox.: 1310x850x2220 mm
Peso aprox.: 1335 kg
Standards: EN 12697/33 Teil 5.2 – AASHTO

Descargar Catálogo PDF

Descargar Catálogo PDF