BBR Bending Beam Rheometer


DIN EN 14771 – NF T 66-062 – ASTM D 6648 – AASHTO T 313
Test System for Determination of Flexural Creep Stiffness of Asphalt Binder at low temperatures
The flexural strength, among other things, is determined in order to evaluate the behaviour of asphalt binder and similar products at low temperatures. The bending beam rheometer enables users to determine these material properties comfortably. The deflection of the specimen is measured for this purpose with a resolution of 1µm. The test force is regulated with an accuracy of 1 mN. The specimen unit is moved by an electromotor and makes fitting and removing the specimens uncomplicated and simple. Automatic, software-controlled operating and standardised evaluation and representation of the findings. The automatic system monitoring contains various diagnosis functions and prepares the required diagnosis records.

Technical specifications:

  • Integrated programmable controller for controls and recording measured data
  • Compact tempering unit with heater and compressor cooling and powerful pressure/suction pump
  • Temperature range: -40…+20°C
  • Resolution ±0.01 K
  • Freely selectable test temperatures
  • Separate test bath with constant level maintenance
  • Linear-electromagnetic loading unit, max. lift 10 mm, max. force 2000 mN
  • Incremental transducer, accuracy better than 1 μm
  • Load cell accuracy class 0.1 (better than ± 0.1%)
  • Force control better than 1 mN
  • Working range 0 … 1500 mN
  • Own layout of test records
  • All Test Data as csv-file available
  • Width 1200 mm including PC on the bracket
  • Weight: approx. 80 kg without accessories
  • Weight thermostat: approx. 60 kg
  • Test bath: approx. 2 l
  • Bath liquid (recommended): Ethanol, 95 %

Información Adicional

Electrical data: 230/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 2 kW
Dimensions approx.: 650x600x1500 mm
Weight approx.: 140 kg
Standards: DIN EN 14771 – NF T 66-062 – ASTM D 6648 – AASHTO T 313

Descargar Catálogo PDF

Descargar Catálogo PDF