Rolling Thin Film Oven RTFOT


EN 12607-1 – ASTM D2872-12
For the determination of temperature and air influence on bitumen.


    • Heating cabinet with a viewing window in the door and thermostatically controlled temperature regulation
    • The rear inside wall is equipped with a vertical carriage, rotated by an electric motor at 15 1/min.
    • Electric drive unit with holder for up to 8 glass test cups
    • Nozzle for feeding the air onto the sample, with flow meter for regulating the air volume (airflow of 4000 ml/min.)
    • Fan to circulate the air inside the chamber
    • Control thermometer in the interior

The heating cabinet is preset to a test temperature of 163°C. The user is informed about the test procedure by optical and acoustic signals. The test procedure is automatic.
A source of compressed air or a compressor 20-25770 is required to carry out the test. The sample vials 20-2573 or 20-2574 are additionally required.

Información Adicional

Electrical data: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 kW
Dimensions approx.: 850x730x620 mm
Weight approx.: 11,7 kg
Standards: EN 12607-1 – ASTM D2872-12

Descargar Catálogo PDF

Descargar Catálogo PDF