Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester (B-048/M)



ASTM C597 • EN 12504-4 • BS 1881-203

  • Used to determine the place for the cracks, voids or defects in the in-situ or precast concrete elements and for long-term observation for the structure which is subjected to all the environmental conditions.
  • The data obtained from the machine gives an indication regarding the homogeneity of the structural element using the sound pulse and by measuring the time needed for the sound to travel within the element.
  • Calibration tools are also provided to zero the reading.


  • Measuring range: 0 – 3000 μs – accuracy +/- 0,1 μs
  • Selection of the ultrasonic pulse amplitude adjustable from 250 to 1000 V
  • Measurement of the required time by the ultrasonic pulse to go through the tested material.
  • Single or continuous acquisition mode with automatic or manual saving.
  • Zero calibration with depuration of the time for the pulse to go through the probes.
  • Calibration of a defined time value.
  • Capacity of data acquisition, processing and filing of the test data up to 30.000 samples.
  • Two outlets for connection to the oscilloscope.


The standard appliance includes:

  • The instrument in basic configuration in a practical palmer container.
  • Two 55kHz probes with connection cables.
  • Calibrating cylinder and contact paste.
  • Rechargeable Battery NiMh 4,8V > 2000m/A with low battery condition alarm.
  • Anti shock case holding the unit and the accessories.