Wheel Tracking Test Apparatus air/water


EN 12697/22 – ASHTOO T324
Small wheel for asphalt samples.
The apparatus consists of a steel plate casing with stainless steel interior 1.4301 and hinged cover with viewing glasses. Two measuring places with rolling wheel units guided in precision bearing elements and driven by a frequency controlled motor with omega-synchronous-belt-drive are installed. Load is applied via a lever system.
The inside can be heated either with water or with a hot-air blowing system.
To enable the installation of samples into the testing place, both rolling wheel units can be stopped in a parking position outside the testing area. The two sample base plates of the machine are prepared for the installation of either mould spanner sets (20-4020..23) or plaster moulds (20-4015..16).
Included are two easily interchangeable rolling wheels with rubber coating. Stainless steel rolling wheels 20-4000E100 are available on request. Two motorized lifting units controlled by the integrated software are used to sink down the wheels at the beginning of a test and to lift them up afterward.
The whole process including heating, registration of test temperatures, number of overrollings and tracking depths is software controlled with the possibility of print-out and selectable testing programmes. The user himself can create and memorize his own test sequences and programmes.
Supplied with integrated input/output unit with touch screen. Optionally the input can also be effected using a keyboard. Mould spanner sets 20-4020..23 or plaster mould sets 20-4015..16 are not included and have to be ordered in addition.

Technical specifications:

  • Sample dimensions max. 280 x 340 resp. 300 x 300 mm
  • Sample height 40..120 mm
  • Rolling wheel Ø 203 mm, width 50 mm with 20 mm rubber layer
  • Rolling section 230 mm
  • 53 / 52 passes per min.
  • Measuring section 65..165 mm
  • Applied load 710 N
  • Range of water temperature 30..70° C
  • Track groove depth 0..20 mm x 0.01 mm
  • User language German/English

Información Adicional

Datos Eléctricos: 3/N/PE, 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 4 kW
Dimensiones aprox.: 2500x700x1500 mm
Peso aprox.: 583 kg
Standards: EN 12697/22 – ASHTOO T324

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Descargar Catálogo PDF