ICOR™ Rebar Corrosion Rate Tester (B-525)



  • Used for detailed corrosion evaluation of reinforced concrete structures without the need to have an electrical connection to the rebar.
  • It estimates the corrosion rate of rebar through a non-invasive approach. This means that the need for connecting the device to the rebar (which is the case of other commercial devices) is eliminated in it.
  • Equipped with high precision sensors to measure:
  • Corrosion rate of rebar
  • The in- situ electrical resistivity of concrete
  • Corrosion potential of rebar
  • Ambient temperature and relative humidity.
  • It utilizes wireless technology to transmit data to a tablet, where data can be stored, analyzed and visualized.


  • Testing time (6 measurements): 5 to 15 seconds
  • Fast: measurements within seconds
  • Real-time: contour mapping of corrosion rate, electrical resistivity and corrosion potential
  • Accurate: comparable to laboratory techniques
  • Non-destructive: used for existing structures
  • Non-subjective: algorithm-based interpretations
  • Efficient: detect initial signs of corrosion
  • Cost effective: multiple parameters in a single measurement for durability assessment


Operating temperature 0 ~ 45 °C
Operating humidity 20 ~ 90%
Storage temperature 0 ~ 70°C
Storage humidity 5 ~ 90%
Operating voltage/current 24 v
Dimensions of iCOR™ d250 x 70 mm